2L8 Qiki (far fetched) *play on cheap earbuds for best results​.​.​.​ipod, some sony thangs from like '96​.​.​.​etc​.​)

by kid leo moon

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The debut singl from the Pleux Tribe, feat. Zeke Phoenixx allover erryfang. DEDICATED TO ALL THE BABIES BORN TODAY AND YESTERDAY & TOMORROW.


Ohhhkay, it’s like... January 22nd?
23rd whateverr it is,
whateverr ya heard.
\/\/hateverr ya heard it is,
it’s the (hehe) truth, or, near-2-tha-truth, or...
a beer-worthy truth?
perpetual rebel
basically criminal, usually.

Sheeit...werz tha werds @?

(.) (.)

mM/\/\..! :
zeke phoenixx naked & bleedinn
blamelessly sschemin / h00p dreamin /
cold press reamin / 140 lb. lean / beanstalkin
we be talkin ssh*t to the CHi
sssh*t to whole worl / tighter than the fake weave perm: (.) (.)
sSilent like the online virus germ
write rhymes then we speakem’:
teak. carpentry (materials we be whittlin @) this is deliriousness / haters cant belittle that
teak sh*t up in the crib cuz we rich$ / cuz we cook in the beakers
flasks / ask Slash [from guns n fuckin roses]
dosin on echineachea / busted Axl on the z28 time machine ~
...fuck Alex P. Keaton n’ fuck Michael Gross,
Tremors n’ sitcoms leave us w/ nuthin to boast
toast to Zeke Phoenixx ~ The New Rap Messiah ~
Ore Ida! Ore Ida!
ssmall fry Prophet Elijiah
Hallelujah! Assalam O'Alaikum ! 
L.A. Laker softer than Pau Gasol’s “D”
salt me n’ serv3 me in a while
i’m out already
this wass
ZP on the QIKI
ch3cK t2moRRo\/\/
4 tha hickie

^ o

uh huhuhah-huhuhuheh
don’t getcher
dontcha getcher
don’t getcher

don’t getcher dickie t2wisted:

here’s more
here’s more

I flung my lasso to the corner of the room,
also I’ve sewn your cheek upon the brightness of the moon
I knotted copper bells with lengths of string to pinpoint stars,
I ferried for you gifts of pinwheels from Venus to the planet Mars.

( )( )

farfetch3d sh*t.
HahAh-huh-huh, huh-h@-huh-h@h:
hahah hu
it’ss far fetched
that’s bartkeep fetch the tab\ “that’s...
real farfetched, Zeke.
gno wonder u tha Pleux Chief.” he ssaid.\\


released January 23, 2012
Ponytail Katy somewhat absent on the telepathy. She ok.