talk 2 mi

by kid leo moon

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this is zeke again
still stuck in this henhouse of a place
i miss my planet, i miss my ship landing and what that’s like,
the lights of my planet are not like the lights on this planet
i’m bellyaching i know
i’m taking it slow & explaining somewhat uh
it’s complex a little a don’t wanna belittle this planet but umm
it’s not like home, we’ll say that....

aight spin that wheel, pat sajack
spin the bottle push playback tip a bottle push that throttle a little
kidnap vanna white in a white econoline i run off with the brides
i getaway right on time
police can’t spot me police cant police blot me im underground
you’ll never pin me down, i run like ink, i sink beneath, yall cant reach, chase the trail behind brides gowns / i’m down to do / whatever
i’m fizzierati tru that’s an improvement on the illuminati to you
i’m cool like yoohoo
ZP’s an ET
I eat fine meats
I met reese witherspoon i scooped her in my boosted z28
leather seats w/ woody beads
what could he be
it’s zeke the risen phoenixx i’m undead unlike river phoenixx
girls miss me / i’m like deeper than depp
i’m cybernetic on the jump see? i’m johnny five /mang ford river styx tricky style ridin my chimera mang
steer clear of death stars like harrison ford mang
floor plan run on blades run on sentences
did i mention i’m fun on dates i mention

garrison keiler / I’m realer / i tell anecdotes / i’m down with spanish folks / I’m far from home no companion / no comprende / donde mi casa de los babies /
no leia no lando no billy dee baby
really see I’ve got no plan yo mang
stranded on illinois island silent s style
mired mang / i hide in a silo mang
my styles so julia my planets jewelrier
i’m truly lost here / im on my last beer
i’ll never last here / it’s a distress signal
it’s some pickle i’m on edge like travis bickle
cany u tell i’m pimpin like keitel need contact like
nell need to foster understanding like jodie
come and talk to me like jodeci
im lonely see?
where my home plant be?


released January 20, 2012
PTK on tha mixx