ZP Hey Lover

by kid leo moon

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Short intro provides the listener with insight into ZP's interstellar origins & current dilemma on Planet Earth.


what up


pleux tribe chief
pleux tribe messiah
illinois island / silent s style
its been a while

i’m tryna get home
21st century’s no place 4 me 2 rome
i belong in at least the 22nd
girls is steppin


on me
it just dawned on me
girlsll hurtchoo mang
skip dessert mang
no pain free zone
die alone
girls be wreckin g’s
with constancy like
comets w/ dishonest techniques
they all leave they trails like oregon
i’m looking for my elf bride like my name was aragon
im dyin / where’s my liv tyler
where’s my wild water tamer
i’m scannin for miles out
its all the same, same & samer
money hungry bitches
no coupon savers
behind your back snitches
frontin like they loyal
love’s trouble & toil
allover the world
illinois island, japan
allover the world girls getting lamer
the past
the future
and what you call the present

im unwrapping the present

oh look
more shit

i thought it’d be a diamond /ring
or a norelco shaver

instead its a break up text on a /phone
you was cool c u l8r

i crack a smile in spite my /pain
another love gone another romance gone south went lame
girls is untame but that why i like em in spite how they do me
i guess how they do me is the reason that i like em

i’m on trial son / i’m hung like a jury
i’m built sturdy still hos make me fret & i worry
i got unborn daughters w/ no names & no mamas
ho drama + hos is unreliable its like they caint dial a phone
or if they do it’s to dis u
talk shit 2 u / git back atchoo for some shit that wasnt even u
who cares mang

im cooked rare mang
musk ox style mang
fresh kill / unlit grill
slick as bp spills

meat eater w/ the ill speakers
don’t care to meet ya
i know what u like already
i wont be ur steady flame
i won’t be your main boo neither
im not here to tame you either
i’m not here to blame you girl
for nothing
it’s my loving style that gets me in trouble


released January 20, 2012
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