Lost In the Chi (amnesia mix)

by kid leo moon

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Zeke raps, bleary from Time-Travel induced amnesia, unsure of his location & identity.


i zp im lost

i’m lost again


lost up in here again

lost my mind

it’s dawn
it’s p.m.
i’m outside a am/pm
i was inside i don’t remember
it was november 3012
thanksgiving was celebrated
by some
probably not enough tho
why some?
it’s cuz
it’s rough yo
out here like this / no beers / no fridge
no ice cept the gray slush
no plush no paper no candles no coupon savers
i’m hafta stay here

i see this next bus
up the slush street

i’m wiped like wiper blades
2 pock marks
like a viper made

i’ve got amnesia
i musta got vampired
i’m tired
last i remember i was in rhodesia
i must’ve quantum leapt again
i’m sleepin on some steps again w/ my mexican friend who’s texting
sitting next to me
i was in some rec center C?
it must’ve been december C?
calendar years is confusing to me
it’s all confusing to me
it’s becoming unloosened C?

pleux tribe wrecks the gregorian
i’m tellin stories again / i can’t remember
nothing about it / i quantum leapt / don’t doubt it
i’m lost im like john locke i’m like starin @ the hatch
i quantum leapt again / pleux sugar’s in the batch

it’s two thousan and twelve
cyber elf style silent s style
pleux tribe messiah
shuffle it / buy it to yo ipod

i’m nanotech
my stanzas wrecked
got amnesia

im sierra mist fantasia

i lost my link card

fizzierati tru

i shout to more spots than you
i’m got the game more john locked than you
i’m jeremy bentham i’m terry o quinn
i’m thin / i’m unwashed / i’m in filthy terrycloth
i’m loopy
i’m jennifer jason leigh i’m chasin time portals that close fast see
whatchoo ask me? i’m distractable / i’m cyber compatible
i’m spied on / i’m calm in a quiet storm / i’m pockets worn thin / i’m frayed / i’m next to your skin / i’m your next of kin / i’m sexin in the poolhouse w/ the panellin
i’m ramblin again

im livin in a stained cardboard box

so i pray hard
cta card
where that dog at
i saw in the red honda crv
i’m neath-under the el trax
i’m on i think lake street
take me
set me free of this
shit please

I’m in the chi
I’m in the chi
I’m in the chi

qi gong
zeke on
phoenixx song

ZP longing
ZP’s lawn tumbling
whats that mean

I’m in the chi
I’m in the chi
I’m in the chi

I’m in the chi
I’m in the chi
I’m in the chi


released January 20, 2012
Pnytail Katy - Telepathy, organ, post-production.